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Community Based Doula Services

Community-based doulas provide continuous support to birthing families during pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period, helping them navigate all aspects of the transition to parenthood. Drawing on their specialized training and lived experience community-based doulas provide emotional support and physical comfort that enhance the family expansion experience for the entire family.

Community-based doulas have at least one commonality with the birthing person, which improves not only the experience, but the outcomes for underserved communities. Community-based doulas begin working with families early in pregnancy and often continue working with those families for 6 months or longer postpartum. Here at Water Signs, we want to build long term relationships supporting our parents throughout the first year and beyond! We don't want to just serve our community, we want to build it up.  

Across the United States, maternal health disparities and mortality rates continue to increase, particularly for BIPOC birthing people and infants. This is a national health crisis that must be addressed immediately. We believe community-based doulas are a lifeline for these families and the missing link to addressing this critical issue.

Types of Doula Support


"Supporting an individual or a group to gain what they need from the system."

"Supporting a person in their right to self-determination."

A doula's role is not to tell you what to do. A doula is not there to speak over you or replace your partner or the other support people on your birthing team. 

A doula is there to help you learn and practice methods to gain the information you need to make informed decisions and empower you to be an active participant in your care. 

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